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DAWF provides basic education and skills-training classes for women and girls denied these opportunities during years of continued conflict.

Our first class in Bamiyan which began in 2006 was a huge success, with 22 students graduating and earning their level 5 certificates (the equivalent of a diploma) from the Afghan Ministry of Education in 2009. Simultaneously, we started another class in a remote area in 2008 largely financed by the Toronto Funding Network (TFN) it has now been completed.

With the successful completion of our first literacy program in late 2009, we were approached by the Regshad & Mulla Ghulam Women's Development Councils to start a new literacy program in the area and in May 2010 we started a new program in Reg-e-Shad which has 20 students enrolled and it is currently one level away from completing successfully.

The program consists of 5 levels, each 6 months in duration, and meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education. At the completion of all five levels the women will receive a diploma from the ministry that will allow them to continue their education and help them find employment.

It costs around $25 a month to provide one woman or girl with basic literacy skills. It costs approximately $750 to provide her with a complete five-level course to give her the skills she requires to improve the quality of her own life and that of her family. Funds raised provide teacher salaries and locally bought books and supplies.

For images of the students craftwork and classes please visit our Gallery page.